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How to do what you love |

How to Get Paid to Be Yourself and Do What You Love

When it comes to building a brand and getting paid in the digital age, most believe that the possibility of actually designing your dream life is sooo out of reach.  But the thing is, the opposite is in fact true. We all have the capability to create the life of our dreams. As long as we’re willing to work for it. 

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7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Website |

7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Website in the Caribbean [VIDEO]

Many brands in the Caribbean and diaspora believe that having a website isn’t necessary if they want to succeed in business. There are many in the region who believe websites are just a luxury, when in fact it’s actually a necessity. A website is an affordable, fundamental tool that EVERY brand needs. Including you. The best time to start building a website was yesterday, but the second-best time is today. You need to get your name out

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Things To Do Before You Develop Your Brand [VIDEO]

April = Action! And to get you geared up for the April Masterclass Series, in the latest Facebook Live chat, I broke down the things you need to do before you develop your brand. We spoke about why branding is so important to build a strong business and career, the five key elements you need to have before you develop your brand, plus we chat about my brand new FB group Caribbean Brand Builders! To sign up

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Facebook News Feed Changes

5 Strategies to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Changes [VIDEO]

Facebook recently announced that they’re making changes to their news feed and everyone is FREAKING OUT!! But there’s NO need to panic… On my latest FB live chat, I broke down why this change is an AMAZING thing for small businesses! I spoke about:  The recent announcement to FB’s news feed and how it will positively affect your business  Why the change to the news feed is a GREAT thing for entrepreneurs  Actionable strategies and tips so you

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Ultimate Rejects rejection

What We Can Learn From The Ultimate Rejects, Ultimate Rejection

The Ultimate Rejects. Remember them? Every Carnival and soca enthusiast remembers how the Ultimate Rejects took 2017 by storm with their hit song Full Extreme, where they went on to win Road March.  With the Carnival season officially here, we’re just a few weeks away from when Trinidad will be flooded with a flurry of foreigners, fetes, and madness as we embark upon a short season. And while promoters have all their fetes lined up with the

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Hey there! My name is Nadine Liverpool and I’m a TV presenter and an online marketing strategist that teaches entrepreneurs how to build an amazing brand online. Side note: I’m also still mourning Kobe Bryant’s retirement, so please be nice. Welcome!