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Building a personal brand is one of the most valuable things you could possibly do for yourself. It allows you to take something you love and actually make a living out of it. 

Whether you are a solopreneur, side-hustler, or freelancer, having a strong brand will open many doors for you and help you make more income. But most importantly, it can be a way for you to live your dream, on your own terms.

Here's what you'll learn In this Free EBOOK:

  • A 15-step guide that will show you how to get started in building an epic online brand.
  • The key tools, tips, and strategies you need to have in place before you showcase your brand to the masses.
  • Advice on what it really takes to go after your dreams and make an impact in the digital age.
  • A sneak peek into how I built my entire brand from scratch and tips on how you can do it too!
15 Ways to Build Your Brand Free eBook

Wondering, Who the Heck am I?

Well my friend, my name is Nadine Liverpool and I’m an online marketing and branding strategist that teaches highly-motivated individuals how to brand their brilliance! I built my brand from absolute scratch and went from making YouTube videos in my mother’s kitchen to working with the biggest sports television networks in Canada and the Caribbean. If accolades mean anything to you, I have a degree in Psychology with a minor in Communications from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, where I received a full-athletic scholarship for soccer (some call it football, depending on where you live). I also have a post-graduate diploma in Sports Journalism and attended the University of Toronto for Digital Marketing Management.

And when I’m not teaching phenomenal people how to build an amazing brand online, you can find me at a coffee shop immersed in a book or jamming to some soca bumping the latest DJ Private Ryan mix. 


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