5 Common Myths Caribbean People Need to Stop Believing About Personal Branding || nadineliverpool.com


The concept of personal branding has been growing over the past couple years and as more and more people start going online and using social media, it’s now the perfect time to build a brand for yourself.

Now, personal branding isn’t just limited to entrepreneurs, but the process of creating an authoritative identity for yourself online can increase your reputation, get you more work, and improve the standing of your business.

Unfortunately, a lot of people in the region don’t fully understand the scope of the strategy and what personal branding can do for them.

There are a number of misconceptions about what personal branding is and how it can be used, so today I’m addressing the five biggest myths about personal branding in the Caribbean and why you need to ignore these fallacies right now.

Myth #1: Caribbean People Are Too Lazy to Do Personal Branding

When I first started building my personal branding and digital marketing business in the Caribbean, several people told me my idea wouldn’t work because “Caribbean people are just too lazy.”

Being that I am originally from Canada and have been instilled with a certain type of work ethic due to my environment, for a split second I thought may be these Debbie Downers were right and I would not succeed.

But I proceeded anyways and realized that logic is just not true.

I noticed that many people in the region might not give their full effort when working for a company but when it came to working for themselves and building their own business or side-hustle, they had an entirely different mentality.

The people who truly want to take control of their lives, put in the work, and show up consistently are the ones that are winning in the Caribbean.

And then there are others who want to make the change but just need some direction.

That’s where I come in! 🙂


Myth #2: Personal Branding is Narcissistic and Egotistical

I understand that in the Caribbean, it is deemed impolite to talk about yourself too much.

Raise your hand if someone has told you the phrase, “Self-praise is no praise!”

If not, it means that if you praise yourself, people will think that you are boastful and will not respect you.

Personal branding is absolutely not about bragging about yourself non-stop.

The purpose of personal branding is to present the best version of yourself online so you can provide value to the people who would most benefit from your expertise and services.

It’s about showcasing your unique gifts and talents, so you can serve.

There are so many talented people in the Caribbean but no one will know who you are and how you can help them if you are afraid to put yourself out there.

“You can’t get paid, if you don’t get seen.”

It does the Caribbean a disservice if you’re not doing your due diligence to help the region improve for the better.

Whether that’s through your creative art, your expertise, or your skills, there are people out there who are looking for what you can offer but they will never find you if you don’t build your brand.

Myth #3: Your Image is Your Personal Brand

How well you dress is not the basis of your personal brand.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your personal style and improve your wardrobe for your overall appearance, then what you need my friend, is an image consultant.

Personal branding goes much deeper than what is on the surface; it encompasses value, purpose, mission, and contribution all backed up by action.


Myth #4: Personal Branding is Only for Famous People

If I hear personal branding is only for celebrities and entertainers one more time

Personal branding is for anyone who wants to package their skills and passions to serve others.

We’ve been brainwashed to believe that we’re just supposed to go to school and learn skills in order to get a job and work for others.

That may have been the case for your parents or even your grandparents but with the power of the internet, the game has completely changed.

You can take those same skills you learned at school or taught yourself and instead of helping build someone else’s brand you can create your own.

The problem with most of us down here in the Caribbean is we feel that we are not important enough to have a personal brand. It all comes down to mindset.

Let me tell you right now.

You are important enough to build a brand in a positive manner and create a life using your gifts doing the things you love.

Don’t let negative people place their self-limiting beliefs about themselves onto you to think otherwise.

Anyone can build a personal brand, you just have to start.

Myth #5: Personal Branding Takes Too Much Time

A strong personal brand is an asset that continues to pay dividends year after year. Yes, it does take time in the beginning but it’s worth it.

What makes more sense? Taking the time to build a brand that you love so you can live the rest of your life on your own terms OR not do anything, stay depressed and unfulfilled at your 8a-4p or 9a-5p doing something you hate for small money?

In my honest opinion, if you choose the first option you won’t have to waste your time worrying about the second option.

You can spend a few years building a brand to create a fulfilling life or spend a lifetime regretting the fact that you didn’t take a chance on yourself at all.

What you gain from the time invested in developing your personal brand is much more than if you were to spend that same time doing a repetitive task that has a small return.

What makes you unique, is what will make you successful.

There are too many people in the Caribbean settling to play small, when they know deep down they have so much more to offer the world.

Technology has made it possible for virtually ANYBODY to build a brand no matter where on the planet you call home.

I truly believe that you have the power to do it, but you can’t start until you begin believing in yourself. What are some other myths people in the Caribbean believe about building their own brand? Would love to hear your thoughts below.