• How to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You

    How to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You || nadineliverpool.com

      Do you ever worry about what people think about you? Have you ever felt rejected and gotten defensive if someone criticized something you did or something that you were passionate about? Are there times where you hold back on doing something you know would benefit yourself and even others because you’re scared about how […]


  • How to Use Your 9-5 to Fund Your Dreams

    How to use your 9-5 to fund your dreams

    Are you currently working a soul-sucking 9-5 and want to start focusing your energy to fund your dreams? You always have grandiose ideas about how to change the company, improve processes, increase revenue, and revamp your entire department but when you bring forth your ideas all you get are frowns and blank stares? Or you […]


  • IGTV vs YouTube: Which Platform Should You Choose?

    igtv vs youtube | nadineliverpool.com

    Instagram has officially released IGTV and the big debate is: IGTV vs YouTube? Which platform is better?  In this article, I’m going to discuss my initial observations from using IGTV and how it stacks up against the likes of YouTube. Plus, I voiced my first impressions about IGTV in a Facebook Live stream, so make […]


  • 5 Things Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Passion

    5 things holding you back from pursuing your passion | nadineliverpool.com

    This week in the “Get Your Mind Right” Facebook Live, we discussed the top 5 things that are holding you back from pursuing your passion. Could it be Fear? Money? Pride? It could be all three and even more. In the latest live stream, I broke down how we can start to kick fear to the […]


  • Digital Marketing Terms Every Person Needs to Know

    Digital Marketing Terms Every Person Needs to Know || nadineliverpool.com

      As digital marketing continues to take over the world, I know it can be confusing to keep up with all of the technical jargon that is being used. Algorithm, who? Landing page what? SEO, huh? That’s why I’ve put together a glossary index below of the digital marketing terms you need to know to […]