You know building your brand is a BIG deal.

It’s time to optimize the power of your platform.

The overall success of your business depends on your level of brand clarity and the effectiveness of your platform. When you can communicate your message effectively through your website and social media channels and make an emotional connection with your audience, you will always have engaged fans and clients ready to work with you.

The Brand Audit is a thorough assessment of your website and social media channels followed by a customized road map to help you build a more compelling brand using online marketing strategies.

Your brand is  what humanizes your business. It’s the foundation on which everything else is built. If you don’t have a strong brand, your marketing will never work.

The brand audit is the action plan you need in order to improve your online presence so you can finally start growing your online brand the way you want to. 



I’ll take a look at your entire online brand and social media profiles (max 2 channels) and give you targeted feedback, tips, and strategies to revamp your digital presence. 


I’ll identify any kinks in your digital chain and recommend opportunities to refine, polish and optimize your brand and your online presence.


Brand audits will be completed within 2-3 days unless a snowstorm tragically hits and shuts down my internet connection. It’s summertime in Toronto, so I doubt that will happen (*knock on wood).


Because online communication is so, so key. And I sorta live in my inbox (don’t judge) so it’s easy to get a hold of me.


An in-depth audit that includes insight on your website, your social media channels, the first impression you’re giving users, how you can better appeal to your ideal audience, systems you can implement into your online brand strategy, and more.

Who’s this perfect for?
Online business owners and individuals that want to build their personal brand but are currently struggling to grow their online presence. You’re done wasting your time mixing and matching Google solutions and listening to random advice in FB groups. You want to start getting more traffic, clients, and sales from your online brand and need a trusted expert to help you focus on the right things.

What’s the investment?
$147 USD


#1 We become friends

You and me, we’re gonna do great things together. You'll make your purchase for the brand audit and I’ll shoot you over an invoice + an extensive questionnaire to help me understand the vision you have for your online brand.

#2 The Work

I’ll put on my brand builders hat and dig deep into what you got goin’ on, to determine where your online presence is falling short. I’ll compile my findings into a brand action plan to help you move forward.

#3 The Solutions

After, we’ll schedule a 20-min video call via Zoom to go over the findings so I can clarify or answer any questions you have. The report typically outlines steps ranging from strategy overhauls, to quick tweaks you can fix that day! You also get one week of free email support after the call!


Before you toss more money and time out
the window, let’s figure out what the real problem is…

FAQ, just for you...

Of course it can. If you don’t have a website right now I can give a through review of [3] of your social media channels instead of just the standard [2] along with a website. 

Yes, yes, and yes. My brand audits are very organized and easily digestible. I give you legit direction, information, and resources, along with helpful insight that’s easy to understand….. AND a 20-min video call via Zoom where I answer any questions you have or explain things you need more clarification on.  My job is to make the audit as easy as humanly possible for you to understand so you can start executing the strategies pronto

No they are not. You can read more about my refund policy right here.

Great question. I’ve been running my online business for the past five years and have helped dozens of professionals and business owners grow their visibility online. 

I am super passionate about helping people brand their brilliance by providing them with the tips, tools, and strategies to make it happen.

You can learn more about me here.