7 Reasons Why You Need a Professional Website in the Caribbean

Many brands in the Caribbean and diaspora believe that having a website isn’t necessary if they want to succeed in business. There are many in the region who believe websites are just a luxury, when in fact it’s actually a necessity.

A website is an affordable, fundamental tool that EVERY brand needs. Including you.

The best time to start building a website was yesterday, but the second-best time is today.Read More

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The Biggest Mindset Shift Caribbean Brands Need to Make on Social Media

Recently on the blog, I’ve been talking to you about why having a personal brand is the most important thing you can do for yourself, along with some of the myths that our people believe about brand building.

Today, it’s time to talk about MINDSET.

This is such a passionate topic for me because as people from the Caribbean and diaspora, we have a lot of work to do on our mindsets when it comes to building our communities and truly making an impact — in business and in life.Read More

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3 Things You Can Do TODAY To Start Building Your Personal Brand

If you’re committed to building your personal brand online but have no idea where to start, then this post is for you.

Entrepreneur, freelancer, side-hustler, pro athlete, celebrity, business executive, real estate agent, marketer, community activist, or salesperson: no matter what your line of work is, personal branding should be important to you.

If you take proactive steps to manage your own personal brand, you can influence the way people see you.Read More

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5 Common Myths People in the Caribbean Believe About Personal Branding

The concept of personal branding has been growing in the Caribbean over the past couple years and as more and more people start going online and using social media, it’s now the perfect time to build a brand for yourself.

Now, personal branding isn’t just limited to entrepreneurs, but the process of creating an authoritative identity for yourself online can increase your reputation, get you more work, and improve the standing of your business.Read More

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5 Things To Look Out For Before Hiring A Social Media Consultant In The Caribbean

The digital marketing and social media industry in the Caribbean is slowly becoming the wild, wild, west and a lot of people and companies are jumping in the game because they think that it’s a huge boost for their business.

Social media is such an important part of your brand and it’s imperative that when looking for expert advice, you are doing your homework on these agencies/consultants.Read More

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