• How to Live Stream on Facebook and Instagram in 2020

    How to live stream on facebook and instagram |

    Want to know how to to live stream on Facebook and Instagram?

    Live streaming has been blowing up the past few years and if you want to grow your brand in 2019, it’s even more important to use.

    In this video, we’re going to talk about how to host an epic live stream.

    Now, I know the title says on Facebook or on Instagram but these rules can apply to YouTube, Periscope, or even LinkedIn Live if you have it.

    And to help you out even more, I’ve created the ultimate live streaming checklist that you can download below.

    But watch the vid first and then grab the freebie after.

    You can watch the YouTube video below or just keep scrolling and read the written post.

    The first tip is you need a compelling title.

    Now, your title is your promise to your audience about what the live stream is about, so you need a catch-worthy headline to make people want to show up.

    For example, don’t create a title like how to grow your social media following.

    That’s very vague.

    Instead, it could be something like how to grow your first 1000 Instagram followers even if you’re just starting out.

    That title is very specific and to the point.

    So again, before you even hit that GO LIVE button, make sure you have a good title.

    Now my next tip is to schedule your live streams.

    Now I know you can go live spontaneously but if you’re just starting out, I don’t suggest going that route.

    It’s best to start out on a schedule so your audience knows when to expect you. If you decide to go live once every week, choose ONE day and ONE time and stick to it.

    The first thing I do is create multiple graphics on Canva about my live streams.

    I also create Instagram Story graphics for the live stream that I post on Instagram stories and I’ll create a post for my IG feed as well. 

    how to live stream on facebook and instagram in 2019 |

    I usually post about my live stream the day of and give out multiple reminders during the day.

    Also, don’t limit your promo to just Facebook and Instagram, send out an email to your list, use other social media platforms and spread the word so you can have as many people attend live.


    Next thing you need to do before you even go live is to prepare an outline.

    You should be prepared and know exactly what you want to talk about.

    I suggest writing out your main points or an outline so you know what the most important things you want your audience to know about your topic.


    After that, you’re finally ready to go live!

    But the biggest mistake people make when they go live is they have low energy and say something like this:

    “Hey, I’m live. I’m just going to wait for people to come into the live, so just sit tight. Oh hey mom! In the meantime, let me know if you can hear me. We’re just going to wait for more people to come on the live. Let’s just wait about five minutes, okay?”

    NO! NO! NO!

    Soon as you hit that go live button you have to be pumped and energetic and just get right into it because remember you’re not just broadcasting for people who are live, you’re also broadcasting for people who are watching the replay.

    I usually say something like this, “Hello! Hello! everyone! Thanks to everyone who is watching live and the replay. In this video, we’re talking all about social media growth. Specifically how to grow your first 1000 Instagram followers even if you’re started from zero. Grab a notepad and a pen because you’re going to want to take lots of notes on how to grow on the ‘gram.

    More often than not, most people will watch the replay.


    Next tip is you need to introduce yourself and establish your authority.

    Every live stream you make you need to introduce yourself because you can’t just assume that people know who you are.

    Plus, you need to introduce yourself for people who are meeting you for the first time.

    Something like, “Okay everyone, let’s get started. If you’re brand new here, my name is Nadine Liverpool and I’m an online branding and marketing strategist that teaches solopreneurs and side-hustle bosses how to build, grow, and monetize their brand online.”


    The reason why live streams are so powerful is because it’s a two-way conversation between you and your audience.

    And don’t worry if for your first few live streams no one is there because people most people will watch the replay.

    One of the first things I like to ask people to encourage engagement is to ask people, “Where are you watching from?”

    When people will start responding I’ll say, “Hello to Amy in Canada, What’s up to Kesha over in Jamaica, and we have Roger from sweet, sweet, TnT Trinidad and Tobago and hello to Chris in D.C. in the United States.”

    And even if no one shows up live, still ask the question so you give yourself practice.

    I’ll also say something like, “Give me lots of love and emojis so I know you’re here.”

    The more emojis people click, the more that signals to the algorithm that this is an engaging video.

    Now a major tip is to encourage engagement and comments throughout the broadcast by asking questions.

    You can ask, “Does this resonate with you? Type yes or no in comments.” “Can you relate to that? Let me know in the comments below.”

    Also, after every main point, I would look for comments from the audience and it also gives you a little room to breathe and take a mini break.


    Next, it’s time to get into the meat of your content and like we discussed earlier, you’re going to be prepared and have an outline ready.

    You want to make sure your content is extremely valuable and actionable so your audience learns something from your live stream.


    Once you’re done with the main portion of your live stream, as you wrap up, it’s very important to have a clear call to action.

    You call to action should direct people on what to do next.

    Do you want people to sign up for your email list?

    Download your freebie?

    Signup for a discovery call?

    Whatever it is, make it very clear so your audience knows what the next steps are.


    You’ve completed your live and think you’re finished but wait you’re not done yet.

    Just like how you did pre-live, do the same post-live as well (The free checklist tells you exactly what to do).

    Send out the replay to your email list, post on IG stories and all your social platforms that the replay is available because remember, not everyone will watch live, they may just watch the replay.


    You can post your live stream on your blog to get more eyeballs on it or you can even find the best one-minute clips and edit micro-content that you can post on your social platforms to entice people to watch the full live stream


    Now this is something you can currently only do on Facebook but if you have $5 or $10 then create an ad to get more eyeballs on the live stream or you can boost the one-min micro video on IG to lead people to the live stream.

    Okay, that was a lot for you to take in but if done right, live streaming is a powerful tool to boost your brand and biz.

    And remember to grab your free live stream checklist below.


  • 4 Books That Changed My Life

    personal development books |

    Books, I read a lot of them.

    That’s probably only about half of my collection but books and reading have been such an integral part of my life as I continue to grow into the best version of myself.

    I know that sounds so fuzzy, fuzzy, wuzzy but it’s true.

    In this blog post I’m giving you four books that have absolutely changed my life, let’s get started!

    Watch the video below or check out the transcribed blog post below.

    1 | Choose Yourself – James Altucher

    4 Books That Changed My Life | Nadineliverpool.comNow, I read this book at a time when I was just in the beginning stages of my brand-building journey and just a few years into my YouTube channel.

    I was so frustrated with my work environment and having to deal with crappy people and being put in a box and not being able to be creative and express my ideas and being bullied and manipulated and taken for granted and getting paid pennies and #allthethings that comes with working in the real world.

    I’m pretty sure you can relate.

    Choose yourself really helped me to see that I wasn’t crazy for starting my own brand and betting on myself compared to going the traditional route and relying on a traditional job.

    For those of you that are new to my blog and don’t really know my story, I started my YouTube channel and building my own brand my sports media brand call SportsNAYtion back in 2010 and I went from making videos in my mama’s kitchen to then becoming an international sports presenter all through the power of the internet.

    Besides being a TV presenter, I’m also now an entrepreneur and I teach others how they can use the internet to build their dream brands and business online.

    Choose Yourself teaches you that everything that we thought was safe, like going to college and getting a degree and getting that dream job isn’t going to happen the way we’ve been taught or lied to about how it’s going to happen.

    Ultimately in this day and age if you want to be successful you have to stop waiting and hoping and praying that someone is gonna choose you and you ultimately need to choose yourself.

    In this video, I discuss the 4 books that changed my life. These life-changing books are definitely books to read for 2018. They are some of the best books to read for self-development, business, and mindset. Check out my favorite books and leave your book recommendations in the comments below!

    2 | Crushing It – Gary Vaynerchuk

    4 Books That Changed My Life | Nadineliverpool.comThat leads me to book number two, the Godfather of personal branding and social media and the advocate for making positivity louder Mr. Gary Vaynerchuk with his book Crush It and also Crushing It.

    Now Gary Vee is a huge influence as to why I’m so passionate about teaching people how to brand their brilliance online.

    The biggest thing I love about Gary Vee is that him as well as James Altucher, is that they teach you why it’s important to choose yourself and that you can make a living and be happy by doing what you love and that you can actually package your passion and not ask permission from anybody and go live the life of your dreams using the internet.

    In Crushing It, Gary Vee gives so many examples of people that are using the power of the Internet to build their dream life online and it’s basically just a testimony to prove and to show that if all of these people can do it, then so can you.

    3 | What I Know For Sure – Oprah Winfrey

    4 Books That Changed My Life | Nadineliverpool.comNow I’m gonna dive into the personal development side of things and a book that is so dear to my heart and has transformed my life is a book by Oprah Winfrey called ‘What I Know For Sure‘.

    I look up to Oprah a lot like many of us females out there do because for me I had and I still have lots of insecurities about my deep desire for greatness in my life and pursuing excellence.

    What I Know For Sure just basically reaffirmed to me that Nadine you’re on the right path, don’t ever apologize for who you are and who you want to be especially when you’re coming from a place of positivity and goodness.

    One of the biggest things I’ll say from this book is that I learned is to keep fighting, through all the pain all the struggle all the heartache, keep going and don’t ever, ever dim your light.

    4 | Believe Bigger – Marshawn Evans

    The fourth book that has changed my life is a book that I recently read by Marshawn Evans called ‘Believe Bigger’.

    Now a lot of you don’t know this but I am domestic violence survivor and in Believe BiggerMarshawn talks about her split rock moment when she discovered that her fiance was cheating on her and this was right before she was supposed to get married.

    She talks a lot about that season of pain and betrayal and how her breakdown ultimately led to her breakthrough.

    In reading Believe Bigger, I felt like I was Marshawn in the book.

    Smart, successful, positive, and just trying to navigate and figure out how to rebound from such a soul-crushing experience and to discover the true path to your life purpose.

    The quote that really affected me the most in a positive way was

    “Disruption comes to disrupt our patterns and interrupt our momentum taking us down an inferior path.”

    This book had me crying tears of gratefulness because it taught me how I could turn my pain into positive power and it will teach you how to mentally, spiritually, and emotionally invest in your superpowers so you can become the best version of yourself.

    Those are the four books that have tremendously changed my life.

    Now, it’s time for the question of the day! What books have changed your life?

    I would really like to hear some of your personal recommendations so let me know in the comments below.


  • How to Get Attention and Get Noticed Online

    how to get attention and get noticed online |

    Are you struggling, trying to figure out how to get attention and get noticed online?

    Or maybe you’re trying to do #allthethings and spreading yourself too thin trying to be visible on every social media platform?

    Well, my friend then this blog post is for you.

    I’m going to share with you five ways to get attention and get noticed online for absolutely free, even if you have a teeny tiny following or you’re just starting out on your brand building journey.

    Watch the YouTube video with the juicy tips or you can read the transcribed blog post from the vid below.

    There’s more competition and noise on the internet than ever before and the number one thing that you, me, and everyone else is fighting for when it comes to building their brand and business online, it’s ATTENTION!

    But how do you get that attention, especially when you’re just starting out?

    Trust me. I’ve been there I get it.

    And in this video, I’m giving you five ways you can start getting attention and getting noticed online right now. Let’s get started!

    Hello wonderful humans!

    It’s your girl Nadine here bringing you the best tips and strategies on how to build, grow, and monetize your brand online.

    Okay, so on this video we’re gonna talk about attention.

    Attention is the name of the game when it comes to building your brand online.

    If you don’t get attention, you can’t get seen and you can’t get paid.

    I’m gonna provide you with five tips on how you can start building attention online even if you have no followers.

    1 | Focus on Your Niche

    Now on this blog, I primarily talk about online branding and marketing for personal brands and small businesses. That’s my niche.

    I also talk about personal development and mindset and entrepreneurship as well but those are mostly complimentary content buckets that just add more depth to my niche.

    It’s really important to be clear on what you want to be known for because the more you zone in on your specific niche or industry, the more attention you’re going to receive for what you do because you’ll end up becoming the go-to expert for that topic.

    So if you have a makeup beauty brand, for example, don’t be posting videos of your curry chicken recipe on your blog or tips about gardening on your blog because that clashes with what you want to be known for which is makeup and beauty.

    Focus on what you want to be known for and you will start to get noticed.

    How to get attention and get noticed online. Want to learn how to get attention and get noticed online? Well, in this video I give 5 ways you can start getting attention online for free, right now.


    2 | Schedule Out Your Content

    I know, boring! But you need a point of reference in order to stay consistent when it comes to getting attention online.

    It’s all about creating lots of different types of content consistently.

    And the way to do that efficiently is by using a social media scheduling tool.

    I personally use and love Smarterqueue as a social media scheduling tool and if you click this link you can get a free 30-day trial using my affiliate link.

    Using Smarterqueue you can create categories for your content, so I use it to post quotes and videos and blog posts and curate other people’s content.

    I share my freebies and lead magnets to grow my email list but the best part of Smarterqueue is that they have a recycle feature for your content so you can set it and forget it and ensure that you’re always top of mind for your audience with your content.

    And the more top of mind you are the more attention you’ll receive.

    Plus, if you need content ideas I got your back.

    I created a free social media content guide that you can opt-in to below to help you to start brainstorming some ideas so you can start creating lots of amazing content online.

    Social Media Content Guide |


    3 | Start a YouTube Channel

    The reason I specifically mention YouTube and not Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other social media platform is because YouTube is a search engine and that is HUGE to getting attention online.

    And you don’t need to be a huge YouTuber with millions of subscribers in order to get attention online.

    My first youtube channel SportsNAYtion only had about 4000 subscribers and I still got so many opportunities and I got approached for national and international television and media opportunities all because of my online presence.

    But in order to get attention on youtube, It’s important that you have a few essential things.

    1. Catchy headlines with research keywords that can be found in search.

    2. Quality thumbnails

    3. Strong content that educates, entertains, and inspires your audience.

    Now, that’s like the bare, bare bones Coles notes version of what it takes to get attention on YouTube.

    And right now YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google which owns YouTube and according to Tubefilter, YouTube is on pace right now to leapfrog Facebook in becoming the biggest social media platform in the world!

    Oh yea, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for lots of amazing video content. Thanks, brand builder! 

    4 | Use Live Video

    Right now, 82% of viewers prefer live video to social media posts and 80% of viewers prefer live video over reading a blog.

    So what that means is people be preferring live video!

    Therefore, if you want to get your audience’s attention online live streaming is a great way to start getting noticed.

    But for those of you out there, those Debbie Downers out there that are wondering but Nadine what if no one tunes into my live?

    Great question.

    Listen, most people watch live streams after the fact in a replay because a lot of people can’t make it on time.

    They forget they get distracted. They get caught up watching Love & Hip Hop.

    There’s so many reasons as to why people may not watch your live stream and even if there’s one person watching your live video and it just happens to be your mama, I promise you there will be people who will watch your live stream after the fact, after the live broadcast and they’ll see it in their feed.

    But the reason live video is so powerful and will help you start getting attention online right now is because it’s a way for your audience to learn and engage from you, in real-time.

    Live video will build the know, like, trust factor with your audience even faster because it’s a more authentic and engaging experience compared to pre-recorded video or reading a blog post or even listening to a podcast.

    You can go live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram even Periscope but that’s kind of dying but end of the day, live video is the only content type online where you can have an immediate two-way dialogue with your audience and that is so powerful to getting attention and getting noticed online right now.

    Remember to grab your free social media content guide!

    Social Media Content Guide |


    5 | Join Facebook Groups

    Now I’m not talking about joining Facebook groups and dropping your link in designated promo threads and running but actually contributing and providing value.

    I’ve actually gotten many clients through Facebook groups, but it was mostly the ones where I spent the time to answer people’s questions, provide insight, and establish myself as a thought leader, as opposed to just posting a link in a promo thread and hoping that I would get leads.

    When it comes to engaging in Facebook groups, it’s always about serving before selling.

    Those are my five tips on how to start getting attention and getting noticed online for free.

    Now it’s time for the question of the day!

    What strategies do you use to get noticed online?

    The more tips the merrier so let me know in the comments below.

    Remember to grab your free social media content guide below so you can start creating lots of content and start getting noticed online.

    Until next time, keep owning your greatness and continue to brand your brilliance online.

    Social Media Content Guide |


  • How to Build Your Personal Brand from Scratch

    how to build your personal brand from scratch |

    Are you trying to figure out this how to build your personal brand from scratch and have no idea where to begin?

    Well, in this blog post I’m going to break down five steps on how you can do just that.

    Watch the YouTube video or check out the transcribed written blog post below.

    1 | Figure out what you want to do

    Like really, really want to do.

    You need to ask yourself these three questions:

    1. What are you really good at?
    2. What brings you the most joy and fulfillment?
    3. What in you brings out the best in others?

    Sticking with step number one, make sure you pick something that you’re truly passionate about.

    Not something that you low-key kind of like or you’re picking it because you know it’s going to make your parents happy. NO!

    Pick something that you’re passionate about because if you don’t, the moment things can tough you’re going to quit.

    Guaranteed, you’re going to quit.

    And also, make sure it’s something that actually makes a difference and helps others because that’s how you truly build connection and community with your audience.

    2 | Pick your brand name

    Now, you have two choices here:

    1. You can pick your government name as your brand name, like your first and last name like Nadine Liverpool or
    2. You can pick a brand name that is specific to your niche.

    For example, my first online brand was SportsNAYtion.

    Sports + NAY + tion because I spoke about sports and my nickname was Nay Nay, so it just made a lot of sense (at the time).

    If you’re into makeup, you can call your brand name Makeup By Naomi or if you’re into fishing you can call your brand name Fishing With Mike.

    But a quick tip, if you can’t figure out a brand name for yourself that’s specific to your niche, just stick to your real name, just keep it simple.

    If your passions eventually evolve in the next few years and you want to pursue something new, it’s easier to do so under your real name, then creating a whole new brand name and whole new social media channels, and domains and #allthatstuff.

    Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s a lot.

    To just keep things simple, just choose your real name for your personal brand when you’re starting out.

    Want to learn how to build your personal brand from scratch? Well, in this video I break down the 5 key steps on how to build your personal brand frm scratch. Check out the vid to find out what you need to do to build an epic personal brand online.


    3 | Pick Your Content Type

    In order to build your brand online, you have to create content because content, is the way that you’re going to connect and engage with your audience online.

    You can pick written content, audio content, or video content.

    I’m going to tell you straight up, I suggest using video content because video is the most powerful way to connect and engage with your audience online.

    I know that some of you guys are terrified of being on camera and in that case I will say start with written content and start a blog or if you want to choose audio content, start a podcast but no matter what you do, you have to create content if you want to be found online.

    And when you’re just starting out, don’t worry about buying fancy equipment.

    Actually, when I started my first YouTube channel, I actually used a Sony Webbie cam.

    When you’re just starting out, just work with what you can and if all you have is a smartphone to start, you are good to go!

    4 | Use Social Media to Distribute and Promote Your Content

    I don’t think we realize how blessed we are to be living in an age where we can just hop on the internet, share our genius, share our thoughts, our skills, our expertise, and connect with others for absolutely free!

    Okay, so here’s what you need to do.

    Head to and search for your chosen brand name, so you can see which domains and social media channels are available for your name.

    Then, when you see what’s available you can either purchase a domain or go to the social media platforms that you want to use and go scoop them up and make an account.

    If you want to use video as your content type, you need to be on YouTube.

    If you want to write, you can start publishing on LinkedIn Pulse or

    And if you want to start a podcast, you can just go check out Anchor.

    But depending on your niche, and where your audience is hanging out, I suggest only focusing on 1-2 social media platforms to start engaging and connecting with your audience.

    So yes, you can choose from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Snapchat but just choose 1-2 platforms to start.

    Don’t spread yourself too thin.

    5 | Create a Website

    Using social media is great to build your brand but the thing is, you don’t own your social media.

    Therefore, it’s super important to have a website for your business.

    I’m a big fan of WordPress and I created my website with WordPress and when I used to be a website developer back in the day, I created all my clients’ websites with WordPress.

    So again, I like WordPress.

    But first, you need to purchase your domain and hosting.

    And I highly suggest using Siteground, that is the hosting company that I use.

    They have excellent customer service and I love using them and no this is not a sponsored video even though it should be but check out Siteground for your hosting.

    And also check out because they have some really cool WordPress themes.

    There are thousands of themes that you can check out on Themeforest.

    But again, having a website is important because it acts as the central hub for where people are going to find out how you can help them, about your programs, your services, your products and it’s ultimately the place where you can monetize your brand.

    These are the five steps you need to take to start building your personal brand from scratch.

    To get started, make sure to grab your free e-guide below on how to start building your epic online brand.


  • How to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You

    How to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You ||


    Do you ever worry about what people think about you?

    Have you ever felt rejected and gotten defensive if someone criticized something you did or something that you were passionate about?

    Are there times where you hold back on doing something you know would benefit yourself and even others because you’re scared about how some people may react?

    Do you ever worry about what people think about you? This blog post breaks down three ways for you to stop worrying about what people think of you. |

    It’s okay my friend, don’t beat yourself up, we’ve all been there.

    But as you start or continue on your brand building journey, worrying about what people think can be a huge detriment to your success.

    Not caring about other people opinions is a serious mindset shift you need to make if you want to get to the next level.

    In this blog post, I break down why worrying about what other people think of you is holding you back big time and I’ll also provide three mindset hacks you need to make to stop caring about people’s opinions.

    Or better yet! You can watch the pre-recorded live stream below.

    Why Do We Care So Much?

    First, we need to seriously ask ourselves: Why do we care so much about other people’s opinions, even those of total strangers?

    It’s because we base our actions and decisions on how we anticipate other people will perceive us.

    And when it comes to building our brands and putting ourselves out there online, we want people to perceive our brands aka and US as awesome and wonderful and all that good, fuzzy, warm stuff.

    But having your self-worth wrapped up in the opinions of other people is a slow recipe to disaster.

    When you care too much about the opinions of other people you dim your light and start doing things you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of what others will think and you become afraid of what the potential consequences might be if you don’t comply.

    Those potential consequences could be:

    • Fear of abandonment
    • Fear of ridicule
    • Fear of being discarded
    • Fear of not being liked

    Everything comes down to FEAR.

    And gals and guys this is a free space, a total no-judgment zone and for a good chunk of my life, I valued the opinions of others wayyyy too much.


    Because I was a people-pleaser.

    Although many of you might know me from TV or from YouTube or whenever on the interwebs, sometimes it may look like I have it all together but the truth is I’ve always lacked a lot of confidence in myself.

    Growing up I was always bullied.

    From a kid all the way to an adult. Kids used to make fun of the way I dressed because I was a tomboy and was always into sports.

    And I ended up becoming friends with female bullies because of my insecurities about myself and I thought I had to be friends with these people who I didn’t really like in order to be liked.

    Weird, right?

    I didn’t know how to stand up for myself or say NO because I was so afraid of the “consequences” of what would happen.

    There’s that FEAR thing bubbling up again.

    And because of my people-pleaser syndrome and approval addiction, I’ve made A LOT of bad decisions and wasted a lot of time catering to other people and believing people’s opinions about who I am and what I’m all about.  

    May be some of these actions and decisions resonate with you when it comes to caring too much about other people’s opinions.

    Surrounding yourself with negative influences.

    Keeping friends and partners around for too long and not realizing that you have outgrown the relationship.

    No love lost but when you have nothing in common with someone anymore you have to understand they aren’t contributing to your growth and they’re contributing to your potential demise.

    Doing things that go against your integrity just to be popular online.

    This is when you’re chasing vanity over quality.

    You may create content or collaborate with others and do things that go against your morals and values all because you know it will garner a lot of attention and impressions online.

    But in the end, you feel icky because it goes against the essence and being of your character.

    I’ve done it and regretted it.

    It’s not worth it.

    Not pursuing what you’re truly passionate about.

    Right now you may be going through a period where you still haven’t started what you want to do because you’re embarrassed about what people will think.

    Using myself as an example, it took me about THREE WHOLE YEARS to muster up the courage to start my online branding and marketing business because I shared my passion with people and they gave me negative feedback.

    Ya’ll, approval addiction was my drug of choice back in the day and most of the time I never got my fix.

    These people told me to stick to sports media because I was good at.

    What I didn’t realize back then and had to learn the hard way was I was sharing my vision with people who had NO IDEA what I was capable of in a totally different niche.

    And because digital marketing was foreign to these people, their feedback came from sheer ignorance.

    For yearssssss, I didn’t pursue what was in my heart because I was too concerned with other people’s opinions.

    Lesson: Don’t be like me!! (well the old me, that is).

    Stop asking blind people to proofread your vision.

    I go more in-depth and give lots more personal examples of the bad decisions I made worrying about other people’s opinions in the live stream, so make sure to check it out.

    3 Mindset Hacks to Not Care About What People Think

    1 | Understand that the negative comments someone makes about you or to you is about them and not you

    How bad I wish I knew this from the moment I came out of my momma’s womb.

    For yearssss, I never understood why people would say mean things to me or about me and try to bring me down.

    When people say negative things to you, it’s just a reflection of how they think about themselves.

    Hurt people, hurt people.

    If you’re currently surrounded by anyone who says negative things to try to put you down, please RUN because it will only get worse.

    You have to get your Luke Cage on and let negative comments bounce right off of you.

    Your positivity needs to run so deep that you become bulletproof to negativity.

    What I do to reverse engineer negative comments, is that I read it and empathize that this person is not happy nor healthy but all I can do is give them to God.

    You can’t change anybody, all you can do is change yourself.

    Get your Luke Cage on and give all negative people to God.

    2 | Some people are going to dislike you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Starting my brand on YouTube back in 2010 taught me a lot about all the things I would never do again now.

    But back then my self-worth was so wrapped up in other people’s opinions, any negative comment would be like the plague.

    • OMG how could they say that about me?
    • OMG why would they write that?
    • OMG should I privately message them and explain myself?

    Back then, I was always changing who I was in order to be “liked” and that’s because I wasn’t secure with myself, so it was very easy for me to think I needed to change in order to be accepted.

    Always remember, you are not the problem. You not loving and accepting yourself is.

    But now that I’m older, I’ve learned people are not going to like you and that’s okay.

    All that matters is what you think about yourself.

    If you’re reading this right now you’re someone who is positive, wants to make an impact through your gifts, and genuinely wants to help people.

    And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, so stop letting small-minded, miserable people try to convince you of anything else.

    Stop focusing on the people who don’t like you, and focus on serving and providing value for the people who love you.

    3 | Be true to yourself

    This is probably the most important thing and the also the hardest thing to accomplish when you’re trying to reprogram yourself because society is constantly trying to brainwash us in telling us “how we should be”.

    As long as you’re not hurting anybody and you’re a good human being, anything is acceptable when it comes to being true to yourself.

    And honestly, at age 32, I’m now really starting to learn the importance of being true to myself. Because when you don’t, you feel when it dampens your spirit. You don’t feel right, it’s a constant nagging feeling that might even keep you up at night.

    This is because you’re going against who you really are and what God intended for you to be.

    In order to be true to yourself, you have to ask yourself, What is important to you? (not what’s important to your parents, or your so-called “friends”, or the society Gods, or what the anchor is saying is important on the 6-oclock news).

    What is important to you?

    Focus on what brings you the most peace and fulfilment.

    For me, I find the most peace connecting and helping others by sharing my story, in hope that it helps others as well.

    I find the most peace when I’m reading books, learning about social media and digital marketing and creating content because I get to tap into my creative genius and share that with the world.

    I find peace when I’m coaching others on building their brand because I truly believe we need to own our greatness and go after what we really want in life and helping people do that, brings me so much fulfillment and joy.

    Service brings me the ultimate peace.

    What you personally love to do may not always the coolest or trendiest or popular thing to do but that’s okay, all that matters is that it makes you happy.

    Pursue a life that caters to your happiness and peace of mind and not to appease or impress others.

    I hope this article helped you discover some practical ways to stop worrying about what people think of you. Remember all you need to do is become Luke Cage and bulletproof to the negativity and continue to be positive and great.