5 Strategies to Beat Facebook’s News Feed Changes

Facebook News Feed Changes

Facebook recently announced that they’re making changes to their news feed and everyone is FREAKING OUT!! But there’s NO need to panic…

On my latest FB live chat, I broke down why this change is an AMAZING thing for small businesses!

I spoke about:

 The recent announcement to FB’s news feed and how it will positively affect your business

 Why the change to the news feed is a GREAT thing for entrepreneurs

 Actionable strategies and tips so you can thrive on FB despite the changes

 PLUS, I’ll have a Q&A section, where I’ll be answering all your questions!

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What We Can Learn From The Ultimate Rejects, Ultimate Rejection

Ultimate Rejects rejection

The Ultimate Rejects. Remember them?

Every Carnival and soca enthusiast remembers how the Ultimate Rejects took 2017 by storm with their hit song Full Extreme, where they went on to win Road March. 

With the Carnival season officially here, we’re just a few weeks away from when Trinidad will be flooded with a flurry of foreigners, fetes, and madness as we embark upon a short season.Read More

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How To Avoid Letting Your Circumstances Become Your Excuse [VIDEO]

Shame is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t move forward with going after their dreams. 

The shame of being embarrassed, shame of failure, or even the shame of being told you’re not good enough. 

In this FB live, I talk about my shame of getting over my domestic violence relationship when I was in high school and how I preserved to go on to receive a full athletic scholarship to play football in the United States.Read More

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Christmas Business Book Giveaway!!!

Business Book Giveaway

Tis the season my wonderful humans! Christmas is almost here, so I thought, what could I give to my AH-mazing brand building tribe, that they would ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

For me, the most sincere gift I think someone can give you is the gift of knowledge. Reading is such an important part of my life and I always encourage my friends, family, clients, even random people on the street, to just pick up a damn book!Read More

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