• How to Build Your Personal Brand from Scratch

    how to build your personal brand from scratch | nadineliverpool.com

    Are you trying to figure out this how to build your personal brand from scratch and have no idea where to begin?

    Well, in this blog post I’m going to break down five steps on how you can do just that.

    Watch the YouTube video or check out the transcribed written blog post below.

    1 | Figure out what you want to do

    Like really, really want to do.

    You need to ask yourself these three questions:

    1. What are you really good at?
    2. What brings you the most joy and fulfillment?
    3. What in you brings out the best in others?

    Sticking with step number one, make sure you pick something that you’re truly passionate about.

    Not something that you low-key kind of like or you’re picking it because you know it’s going to make your parents happy. NO!

    Pick something that you’re passionate about because if you don’t, the moment things can tough you’re going to quit.

    Guaranteed, you’re going to quit.

    And also, make sure it’s something that actually makes a difference and helps others because that’s how you truly build connection and community with your audience.

    2 | Pick your brand name

    Now, you have two choices here:

    1. You can pick your government name as your brand name, like your first and last name like Nadine Liverpool or
    2. You can pick a brand name that is specific to your niche.

    For example, my first online brand was SportsNAYtion.

    Sports + NAY + tion because I spoke about sports and my nickname was Nay Nay, so it just made a lot of sense (at the time).

    If you’re into makeup, you can call your brand name Makeup By Naomi or if you’re into fishing you can call your brand name Fishing With Mike.

    But a quick tip, if you can’t figure out a brand name for yourself that’s specific to your niche, just stick to your real name, just keep it simple.

    If your passions eventually evolve in the next few years and you want to pursue something new, it’s easier to do so under your real name, then creating a whole new brand name and whole new social media channels, and domains and #allthatstuff.

    Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s a lot.

    To just keep things simple, just choose your real name for your personal brand when you’re starting out.

    Want to learn how to build your personal brand from scratch? Well, in this video I break down the 5 key steps on how to build your personal brand frm scratch. Check out the vid to find out what you need to do to build an epic personal brand online.


    3 | Pick Your Content Type

    In order to build your brand online, you have to create content because content, is the way that you’re going to connect and engage with your audience online.

    You can pick written content, audio content, or video content.

    I’m going to tell you straight up, I suggest using video content because video is the most powerful way to connect and engage with your audience online.

    I know that some of you guys are terrified of being on camera and in that case I will say start with written content and start a blog or if you want to choose audio content, start a podcast but no matter what you do, you have to create content if you want to be found online.

    And when you’re just starting out, don’t worry about buying fancy equipment.

    Actually, when I started my first YouTube channel, I actually used a Sony Webbie cam.

    When you’re just starting out, just work with what you can and if all you have is a smartphone to start, you are good to go!

    4 | Use Social Media to Distribute and Promote Your Content

    I don’t think we realize how blessed we are to be living in an age where we can just hop on the internet, share our genius, share our thoughts, our skills, our expertise, and connect with others for absolutely free!

    Okay, so here’s what you need to do.

    Head to namechk.com and search for your chosen brand name, so you can see which domains and social media channels are available for your name.

    Then, when you see what’s available you can either purchase a domain or go to the social media platforms that you want to use and go scoop them up and make an account.

    If you want to use video as your content type, you need to be on YouTube.

    If you want to write, you can start publishing on LinkedIn Pulse or Medium.com.

    And if you want to start a podcast, you can just go check out Anchor.

    But depending on your niche, and where your audience is hanging out, I suggest only focusing on 1-2 social media platforms to start engaging and connecting with your audience.

    So yes, you can choose from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, or even Snapchat but just choose 1-2 platforms to start.

    Don’t spread yourself too thin.

    5 | Create a Website

    Using social media is great to build your brand but the thing is, you don’t own your social media.

    Therefore, it’s super important to have a website for your business.

    I’m a big fan of WordPress and I created my Nadineliverpool.com website with WordPress and when I used to be a website developer back in the day, I created all my clients’ websites with WordPress.

    So again, I like WordPress.

    But first, you need to purchase your domain and hosting.

    And I highly suggest using Siteground, that is the hosting company that I use.

    They have excellent customer service and I love using them and no this is not a sponsored video even though it should be but check out Siteground for your hosting.

    And also check out Themeforest.net because they have some really cool WordPress themes.

    There are thousands of themes that you can check out on Themeforest.

    But again, having a website is important because it acts as the central hub for where people are going to find out how you can help them, about your programs, your services, your products and it’s ultimately the place where you can monetize your brand.

    These are the five steps you need to take to start building your personal brand from scratch.

    To get started, make sure to grab your free e-guide below on how to start building your epic online brand.


  • How to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You

    How to Stop Worrying About What People Think of You || nadineliverpool.com


    Do you ever worry about what people think about you?

    Have you ever felt rejected and gotten defensive if someone criticized something you did or something that you were passionate about?

    Are there times where you hold back on doing something you know would benefit yourself and even others because you’re scared about how some people may react?

    Do you ever worry about what people think about you? This blog post breaks down three ways for you to stop worrying about what people think of you. | Nadineliverpool.com

    It’s okay my friend, don’t beat yourself up, we’ve all been there.

    But as you start or continue on your brand building journey, worrying about what people think can be a huge detriment to your success.

    Not caring about other people opinions is a serious mindset shift you need to make if you want to get to the next level.

    In this blog post, I break down why worrying about what other people think of you is holding you back big time and I’ll also provide three mindset hacks you need to make to stop caring about people’s opinions.

    Or better yet! You can watch the pre-recorded live stream below.

    Why Do We Care So Much?

    First, we need to seriously ask ourselves: Why do we care so much about other people’s opinions, even those of total strangers?

    It’s because we base our actions and decisions on how we anticipate other people will perceive us.

    And when it comes to building our brands and putting ourselves out there online, we want people to perceive our brands aka and US as awesome and wonderful and all that good, fuzzy, warm stuff.

    But having your self-worth wrapped up in the opinions of other people is a slow recipe to disaster.

    When you care too much about the opinions of other people you dim your light and start doing things you don’t want to do because you’re afraid of what others will think and you become afraid of what the potential consequences might be if you don’t comply.

    Those potential consequences could be:

    • Fear of abandonment
    • Fear of ridicule
    • Fear of being discarded
    • Fear of not being liked

    Everything comes down to FEAR.

    And gals and guys this is a free space, a total no-judgment zone and for a good chunk of my life, I valued the opinions of others wayyyy too much.


    Because I was a people-pleaser.

    Although many of you might know me from TV or from YouTube or whenever on the interwebs, sometimes it may look like I have it all together but the truth is I’ve always lacked a lot of confidence in myself.

    Growing up I was always bullied.

    From a kid all the way to an adult. Kids used to make fun of the way I dressed because I was a tomboy and was always into sports.

    And I ended up becoming friends with female bullies because of my insecurities about myself and I thought I had to be friends with these people who I didn’t really like in order to be liked.

    Weird, right?

    I didn’t know how to stand up for myself or say NO because I was so afraid of the “consequences” of what would happen.

    There’s that FEAR thing bubbling up again.

    And because of my people-pleaser syndrome and approval addiction, I’ve made A LOT of bad decisions and wasted a lot of time catering to other people and believing people’s opinions about who I am and what I’m all about.  

    May be some of these actions and decisions resonate with you when it comes to caring too much about other people’s opinions.

    Surrounding yourself with negative influences.

    Keeping friends and partners around for too long and not realizing that you have outgrown the relationship.

    No love lost but when you have nothing in common with someone anymore you have to understand they aren’t contributing to your growth and they’re contributing to your potential demise.

    Doing things that go against your integrity just to be popular online.

    This is when you’re chasing vanity over quality.

    You may create content or collaborate with others and do things that go against your morals and values all because you know it will garner a lot of attention and impressions online.

    But in the end, you feel icky because it goes against the essence and being of your character.

    I’ve done it and regretted it.

    It’s not worth it.

    Not pursuing what you’re truly passionate about.

    Right now you may be going through a period where you still haven’t started what you want to do because you’re embarrassed about what people will think.

    Using myself as an example, it took me about THREE WHOLE YEARS to muster up the courage to start my online branding and marketing business because I shared my passion with people and they gave me negative feedback.

    Ya’ll, approval addiction was my drug of choice back in the day and most of the time I never got my fix.

    These people told me to stick to sports media because I was good at.

    What I didn’t realize back then and had to learn the hard way was I was sharing my vision with people who had NO IDEA what I was capable of in a totally different niche.

    And because digital marketing was foreign to these people, their feedback came from sheer ignorance.

    For yearssssss, I didn’t pursue what was in my heart because I was too concerned with other people’s opinions.

    Lesson: Don’t be like me!! (well the old me, that is).

    Stop asking blind people to proofread your vision.

    I go more in-depth and give lots more personal examples of the bad decisions I made worrying about other people’s opinions in the live stream, so make sure to check it out.

    3 Mindset Hacks to Not Care About What People Think

    1 | Understand that the negative comments someone makes about you or to you is about them and not you

    How bad I wish I knew this from the moment I came out of my momma’s womb.

    For yearssss, I never understood why people would say mean things to me or about me and try to bring me down.

    When people say negative things to you, it’s just a reflection of how they think about themselves.

    Hurt people, hurt people.

    If you’re currently surrounded by anyone who says negative things to try to put you down, please RUN because it will only get worse.

    You have to get your Luke Cage on and let negative comments bounce right off of you.

    Your positivity needs to run so deep that you become bulletproof to negativity.

    What I do to reverse engineer negative comments, is that I read it and empathize that this person is not happy nor healthy but all I can do is give them to God.

    You can’t change anybody, all you can do is change yourself.

    Get your Luke Cage on and give all negative people to God.

    2 | Some people are going to dislike you and there’s nothing you can do about it.

    Starting my brand on YouTube back in 2010 taught me a lot about all the things I would never do again now.

    But back then my self-worth was so wrapped up in other people’s opinions, any negative comment would be like the plague.

    • OMG how could they say that about me?
    • OMG why would they write that?
    • OMG should I privately message them and explain myself?

    Back then, I was always changing who I was in order to be “liked” and that’s because I wasn’t secure with myself, so it was very easy for me to think I needed to change in order to be accepted.

    Always remember, you are not the problem. You not loving and accepting yourself is.

    But now that I’m older, I’ve learned people are not going to like you and that’s okay.

    All that matters is what you think about yourself.

    If you’re reading this right now you’re someone who is positive, wants to make an impact through your gifts, and genuinely wants to help people.

    And there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with that, so stop letting small-minded, miserable people try to convince you of anything else.

    Stop focusing on the people who don’t like you, and focus on serving and providing value for the people who love you.

    3 | Be true to yourself

    This is probably the most important thing and the also the hardest thing to accomplish when you’re trying to reprogram yourself because society is constantly trying to brainwash us in telling us “how we should be”.

    As long as you’re not hurting anybody and you’re a good human being, anything is acceptable when it comes to being true to yourself.

    And honestly, at age 32, I’m now really starting to learn the importance of being true to myself. Because when you don’t, you feel when it dampens your spirit. You don’t feel right, it’s a constant nagging feeling that might even keep you up at night.

    This is because you’re going against who you really are and what God intended for you to be.

    In order to be true to yourself, you have to ask yourself, What is important to you? (not what’s important to your parents, or your so-called “friends”, or the society Gods, or what the anchor is saying is important on the 6-oclock news).

    What is important to you?

    Focus on what brings you the most peace and fulfilment.

    For me, I find the most peace connecting and helping others by sharing my story, in hope that it helps others as well.

    I find the most peace when I’m reading books, learning about social media and digital marketing and creating content because I get to tap into my creative genius and share that with the world.

    I find peace when I’m coaching others on building their brand because I truly believe we need to own our greatness and go after what we really want in life and helping people do that, brings me so much fulfillment and joy.

    Service brings me the ultimate peace.

    What you personally love to do may not always the coolest or trendiest or popular thing to do but that’s okay, all that matters is that it makes you happy.

    Pursue a life that caters to your happiness and peace of mind and not to appease or impress others.

    I hope this article helped you discover some practical ways to stop worrying about what people think of you. Remember all you need to do is become Luke Cage and bulletproof to the negativity and continue to be positive and great.


  • How to Use Your 9-5 to Fund Your Dreams

    How to use your 9-5 to fund your dreams

    Are you currently working a soul-sucking 9-5 and want to start focusing your energy to fund your dreams?

    You always have grandiose ideas about how to change the company, improve processes, increase revenue, and revamp your entire department but when you bring forth your ideas all you get are frowns and blank stares?

    Or you always go above and beyond at your job only to receive a pat on the back, instead of seeing a bump in your salary?

    And when you get home after going above and beyond, you feel too exhausted to work on your own thing?

    Trust me, I’ve been there before and the problem is that you need to take the entrepreneurial energy that you apply at your day job and start applying it to your dream job.

    How to Use Your 9-5 to Fund Your Dreams | Nadineliverpool.com

    You need to go from having an employee mentality to a self-employed mentality (even if you’re not ready to leave your 9-5 yet).

    On this Facebook Live stream, we discuss how to use your 9-5 to fund your dreams so you can start building the life you really want.


    And check out the COMMUNITY LOVE from our awesome brand builders about the live stream:


  • 5 Things Holding You Back From Pursuing Your Passion

    5 things holding you back from pursuing your passion | nadineliverpool.com

    This week in the “Get Your Mind Right” Facebook Live, we discussed the top 5 things that are holding you back from pursuing your passion.

    Could it be Fear? Money? Pride? It could be all three and even more.

    In the latest live stream, I broke down how we can start to kick fear to the side and break free from our limiting beliefs so we can build successful brands and businesses.

    Check out the live stream or if you prefer to read, the blog post follows below.


    And check out the COMMUNITY LOVE from our awesome brand builders about the live stream:

    5 Things Holding You Back from Pursuing Your Passion

    1. Fear of Failure

    We currently live in a fear-based society (or perhaps we’ve always lived in one) that preys on our biggest insecurities.

    All you need to do is turn on your local news at 6pm to find out what you need to be afraid about today.

    And all of this fear-based programming paralyzes you into doing anything for yourself and you self-sabotage yourself in staying small.

    But lemme ask you this, were you afraid of spending thousands of dollars to go to college to “hopefully” find a job? Nope.

    And you know why? Because we are taught and conditioned that going to school will make us successful. If in this very moment you are working a job that is totally unrelated to what you went to school for, didn’t you already technically fail? #NoJudgement

    The point is there are no guarantees in life.

    Don’t be afraid to start something on your own, instead of going to a 9-5 that you loath just to complain.

    Take a chance on yourself for once instead of putting your faith into a system that doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

    2. Self-Doubt

    Believing in yourself is so, so, so important to build a successful brand and business.  

    And again, I’m going back to all the liesssss that we’ve been taught by society to keep us playing small.  

    Lies like we’re not good enough, not important enough, loved enough, worthy enough, just enough.  

    Instead of doubting yourself, your brilliance, your magic, and your expertise, start doubting the voice that says you’re unqualified.  

    Because my friend, the devil is a liar.

    I’ve gone through self-doubt in every venture I’ve started.

    I had self-doubt when I started my own YouTube channel.
    I had self-doubt when I became a sportscaster.
    I had self-doubt when I started my own business.

    But in order to keep pushing forward, my belief in self always had to remain bigger than my insecurities.

    3. Opinions of Others 

    There are so many of you that allow the opinions of others to hold you back from going after what you really want in life.  

    And it took me a reallyyy long time to learn that when people say negative things about you, they are just projecting their own limiting beliefs about themselves onto you.  

    Let that sink in for a moment.  

    You have to understand that most people who’ve never been where you’re trying to go, won’t understand what you’re trying to do. 

    Parents can become the biggest dream killers not because they don’t want you to succeed but they feel that keeping you small is a way to protect you. 

    On the flip side, your friends might not want you to succeed because they don’t want you to do better than them.  

    Your friends should want to see you succeed. They should clap and cheer and encourage you all the time.

    If not, you probably need to find new friends. #RealTalk

    You cannot live your life for other people, you have to live life for yourself. 

    Don’t waste your time focusing on the opinions of others because it’s not going to get you to where you want to be. 

    4. Comparison  

    Comparison cripples our confidence and compromises our calling.  

    A lot of you have this burning desire to pursue your own thing but because you don’t have a million followers on Instagram, you think it’s too late to start.  

    Here’s a newsflash for you: everyone starts at ZERO

    When you obsess about what others are doing, you extract another limiting belief that “you’re not doing enough” or “there’s no point in starting” or “you’re so behind.” 

    Listen, it’s never too late!  

    If I got stuck in a comparison mentality, I would have never started my online business and you wouldn’t be reading this blog post right now.  

    There are tons of online branding and marketing experts out there with hundreds of thousands of followers (Hello, Marie Forleo, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore!) but those experts just inspire me to know that if they can build a freedom-based business than so can I.  

    Don’t focus on where other people are at, just focus on how YOU can get better at your craft every single day. 

    Invest in new skills, invest in hiring a coach, just invest in your learning and you won’t have time to be looking at other people because you’ll be soaking up all your time focusing on yourself. 

    5. Distraction  

    Focus is probably the most important skill you need to enter a big future.  And I’m not gonna lie, the internet is a gift and a curse because you can use it to build an empire or you can use it to keep you distracted and stuck scrolling on Instagram and binge watching Netflix five hours a day.  

    Distraction is just fear in disguise.  

    You distract yourself by watching other people’s profiles because you’re afraid to do. the work.  

    Distraction is a way that you intentionally self-sabotage yourself from going after your dreams.  

    You have two choices: You can either choose the pain of doing nothing, staying stuck, and keeping yourself distracted, or you can choose the pain of discomfort, uncertainty, and growth to get to where you want to be. 

    Choose the latter, own your greatness, and start branding your brilliance.