Q&A Friday! Your Business and Branding Questions Answered Live! [VIDEO]

So every Friday, well more like every Friday afternoon I am free (working on my consistency, don’t judge me lol) I have a Q&A Friday where I answer some of the business, branding, marketing, and social media questions that I receive during the week. 

This week I received some great questions about WordPress.com vs WordPress.org, the rising trend of video in social media, how to start an online business and more! Read More

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6 Ways To Build Your Brand With No Money [VIDEO]

build your brand

Finances are always a touchy subject for most people when it comes to building your brand. Especially when you possess all the ambition in the world but your bank account might not reflect that. 

A lot of people have privately messaged me their frustrations about feeling as if they don’t have enough money to start building their brand. 

Trust me, I’ve been there and I completely understand because I was broke.com when I started my own brand.Read More

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The Top 3 Tools I Use Everyday to Build My Brand


For the past couple of months, the goal with my content has been all about MINDSET.

I wrote articles like:

Why personal branding is the most important thing you can do for yourself

The 5 common myths people in the Caribbean believe about personal branding

5 big mistakes brands in the Caribbean are making on social media


The biggest mindset shift Caribbean brands need to make on social media

But for this month it’s all about getting you in ACTION, so you can start building an amazing brand.

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How To Deal With Rejection While Building Your Brand [VIDEO]

Boy, oh boy I can talk about rejection for daysssss.

When I first started building my brand, it was really tough for me to deal with rejection but over the years I’ve learned that rejection is really just divine redirection.

As you continue to develop your winning mindset with building your brand, overcoming rejection is a necessary skill to keep on preserving to achieve your dream.Read More

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My Self-Discovery In Starting My Own Brand [VIDEO]

Nadine Black By Popular Demand Shirt

Since recently re-launching my website, I’ve kinda lagged in the execution side of juggling being a sports presenter and running my branding and marketing business.

Content creation, email marketing, social media, and client calls, OH MY!

I honestly had to shut myself off from the world for a few days and start planning accordingly because although I love being a sports presenter, I love entrepreneurship, branding, and marketing just as much.Read More

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