How To Avoid Letting Your Circumstances Become Your Excuse [VIDEO]

Shame is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t move forward with going after their dreams. 

The shame of being embarrassed, shame of failure, or even the shame of being told you’re not good enough. 

In this FB live, I talk about my shame of getting over my domestic violence relationship when I was in high school and how I preserved to go on to receive a full athletic scholarship to play football in the United States.Read More

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Do You Need Formal Education To Make It As An Entrepreneur? [VIDEO]

Do you need formal education to make it as an entrpreneur?

As the job market continues to shift more and more people are realizing that their degree or diploma isn’t converting into high-paying opportunities.

Many people are told and therefore believe they need more formal education to succeed but I honestly believe you should do the EXACT OPPOSITE.

Find out what I think you should do to get ahead as an entrepreneur on the latest FB live chat.

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How to Deal with Unsupportive Family and Friends [VIDEO]

When deciding to pursue your passion, it’s natural to seek support from family and friends when you go after the dreams. 

But what happens if those people are full of negativity and don’t understand the path you want to embark on life? 

It happens all the time, including to me, and in this week’s Facebook Live, I talk about what you can do to overcome unsupportive friends and family as you continue to achieve great things in your life. Read More

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How To Deal With Rejection While Building Your Brand [VIDEO]

Boy, oh boy I can talk about rejection for daysssss.

When I first started building my brand, it was really tough for me to deal with rejection but over the years I’ve learned that rejection is really just divine redirection.

As you continue to develop your winning mindset with building your brand, overcoming rejection is a necessary skill to keep on preserving to achieve your dream.Read More

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