The Biggest Mindset Shift Caribbean Brands Need to Make on Social Media

Recently on the blog, I’ve been talking to you about why having a personal brand is the most important thing you can do for yourself, along with some of the myths that our people believe about brand building.

Today, it’s time to talk about MINDSET.

This is such a passionate topic for me because as people from the Caribbean and diaspora, we have a lot of work to do on our mindsets when it comes to building our communities and truly making an impact — in business and in life.Read More

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5 Things To Look Out For Before Hiring A Social Media Consultant In The Caribbean

The digital marketing and social media industry in the Caribbean is slowly becoming the wild, wild, west and a lot of people and companies are jumping in the game because they think that it’s a huge boost for their business.

Social media is such an important part of your brand and it’s imperative that when looking for expert advice, you are doing your homework on these agencies/consultants.Read More

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