How to use your 9-5 to fund your dreams

Are you currently working a soul-sucking 9-5 and want to start focusing your energy to fund your dreams?

You always have grandiose ideas about how to change the company, improve processes, increase revenue, and revamp your entire department but when you bring forth your ideas all you get are frowns and blank stares?

Or you always go above and beyond at your job only to receive a pat on the back, instead of seeing a bump in your salary?

And when you get home after going above and beyond, you feel too exhausted to work on your own thing?

Trust me, I’ve been there before and the problem is that you need to take the entrepreneurial energy that you apply at your day job and start applying it to your dream job.

How to Use Your 9-5 to Fund Your Dreams | Nadineliverpool.comYou need to go from having an employee mentality to a self-employed mentality (even if you’re not ready to leave your 9-5 yet).

On this Facebook Live stream, we discuss how to use your 9-5 to fund your dreams so you can start building the life you really want.


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