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An Inside Look Into My Brand New Website

Why helllooooo there?!?

Thanks so much for checking out my blog and the first official post for my brand new website. You’re awesome!

Now for those who have no idea who I am, let me introduce myself.

My name is Nadine Liverpool and I am a television presenter, online marketing and branding strategist and owner of I help serious and talented people build their personal and business brand online.

Apart from being a cool-ass sports presenter, for the past 5 years, I’ve coached ambitious and determined people who range from students to entrepreneurs, athletes, real estate agents, makeup artists, personal trainers, and more.

And if you somewhat know me or virtually kinda know me and just read that last sentence and thought, “Nadine coaches who?” then this post is perfect for you, so you can understand the reasoning behind why I NEEDED to create a new website.

A lot has changed for me in the past 18 months of my life.

Like me randomly quitting my job in Toronto, Canada.

Then randomly deciding to move to Trinidad and Tobago four months later, and then randomly receiving my dream job of becoming a sportscaster.

When the last one wasn’t too random but I’ll explain more of that in another post.  

So to say life has been a tad weird, completely taken me out of my comfort zone but has been totally awesome, is a bit of an understatement.


Ever since I made the jump and moved to Trinidad and Tobago, has been on hiatus.

Reason being, I really wanted to unplug from everything and embrace my new environment without any distractions.

And unplugging was a such a sea of bliss for me. I got to go to the beach, visit family and friends, and just do something I hadn’t done in awhile — enjoy life.

Then 6 weeks after I arrived, I received a new job as the lead sports anchor for Flow Sports, the most watched sports network in the Caribbean and BAM!

Sh*t got real.

In my first year at Flow Sports I was the host for Premier League Weekly and in our debut season, we became the most popular sports show in the region.

Plus, I got the opportunity to travel to Grenada, Jamaica, Curacao, and even Houston for the FREAKIN SUPER BOWL!

Not gonna lie, that was pretty sweet.

For the first 12 months at my new job, I totally focused on that alone and figuring myself out as I embarked upon building my career in my newfound home of the Caribbean.

And when I had the chance to sit down and soak everyyyyything in, I realized something was missing.

Something that had a profound impact on how I even got to where I am today.

The Internet.

It was my baby.

I started my brand from scratch using the interwebs.

Everything began in my mom’s kitchen, the day I decided to film a video about sports and put it on YouTube.

I created my own sports show called SportsNAYtion and built a community of thousands of die-hard sports fans like myself, who I engaged with week after week.

The internet and social media opened up so many doors for my career. It felt weird to abandon and disconnect from that world just because I was now a TV host.

So here I am, BACK and in FULL EFFECT!


I have a little secret to share.

Along with working in sports media, I’ve been a personal branding and social media coach for the past five years.

Ever since I started building my brand on YouTube and started growing a following on social media, I always used to receive plenty requests from people on how I could help them achieve the same.

It first started with me building WordPress websites for people, then creating social media and content calendars.

Next thing I knew, I was meeting people in coffee shops and holding client calls on Skype.

Back then, I never once publicized that I did this on the side and looking back I kind of regret that I didn’t. But better late than never right!  

But there was also another piece that was missing inside of me since moving to Trinidad.

Working in digital marketing.

Sports + Business + Branding = A Fulfilled and Happy Nadine

That’s why I’m happy to announce that I’ve opened back up my personal brand and social media coaching for serious professionals and small business owners.

Check out my services here.

I wanted to create a website where I could tap into my passion for personal branding and online business but also showcase myself as the fabulous sportscaster that I currently am.

Although I dig my job, I know deep down that I’m truly meant to serve.

I believe that each one of us has an incredible gift to give to the world. We each have an expertise, a unique talent, an ability to share, that sets us all apart.

And that’s why I created this website just for YOU.

A place for you to learn how to grow your brand, learn how to make social media and online marketing work for you, and how to ultimately step into your purpose and live a life that you love.


Besides adding branding and social media services to my website, I have a section dedicated to where you can also check out my TV portfolio.

Included is my bio, demo reel, and photos of my work as a dedicated sports presenter. 

And if you want to see even MORE photos and videos of me, I created a videos + photos page where you can take a peek at pictures of me during my career. 

Also added was information on how you can book me for speaking engagements, hosting events, and brand ambassadorships.  


One thing that I’ve missed doing since I’ve been submerged in TV land, is my passion for writing.

Jotting down my thoughts is a form of therapy. Especially for me, as I’ve been through quite a lot in my young life. 

From growing up in the “hood,” to becoming a top athlete, to dealing with bad mind family and friends, and now becoming a successful black female working in a male-dominated industry, BOY do I have a lot of things to talk about. 

The main blog topics on my website will be about personal branding, online marketing, and sports media but I also created a special section that’s dear to my heart called ‘Real Talk’.

It’s a place where I’ll be going a little bit deeper and talking about my personal experiences in life and how it’s shaped me to become the woman I am today. 

Whether I talk about friendships, family, navigating life, trials and tribulations, I hope my journey can help you with whatever you’re currently dealing with. 


Now in order to bring my vision for my new website to life, I knew I had to take professional photos.

I wasn’t too thrilled about that since I had gained a little weight since moving to Trinidad. (Damn you doubles and roti!) But nonetheless, I had to get it done.

Getting professional headshots is so important for your personal brand and in my free personal branding e-book, it’s listed as one of the first steps to building your authority online.

Although I don’t know that many people in Trinidad besides my family, co-workers, and football teammates, I was able to get the wonderful Toni Rose of  Tzobi Media to do my first ever photoshoot in sweet T&T.

My make-up artist Arry Cruickshank of The MUA House (some may know her as the girl always whining up her waist in my Instagram stories) was nice enough to let me use her studio as a place to have the shoot.

After about 6-7 looks and a couple hours of me pretending that I was supermodel Winnie Harlow, my photo shoot was complete.



One of the things about creating your own brand is that you wear many hats.

For my YouTube channel, I was the host, producer, writer, editor, audio and lighting engineer, social media manager, EVERY. DAMN. THING.

I mainly had to do all this because I could not afford to outsource these tasks at all but I was finally in a place in my life where I had some extra coins to invest in some proper graphic design.

So I hired an amazing and talented graphic designer from Toronto named Amisi, to design the website headers that you see throughout my site.

Nadine Liverpool Work With Me

And the investment was well WORTH it because her designs brought the exact flavour and pop that I wanted to have on my website.

All the other visuals on my website I created with a FREE design tool called Canva. 

My main brand colours are turquoise, yellow, purple, and dark pink.

Those were the four colours that I felt could evoke feelings of fun, entertainment, enjoyment, and light-heartedness. All elements of my personality that I wanted to bring forth on the new



I’ve always been a big fan of WordPress and have been using this CMS platform to build not only my website but tons of others.

WordPress is the most popular website software in the entire WORLD.

More websites are powered by WordPress than any other content management system.

WordPress dominates over 75% of the CMS market share and powers nearly 27% of all websites (a CMS is a piece of software that lets you easily write, edit, and publish content on the web).

So it made perfect sense for me to use, yep you guessed it, WordPress.

I bought a premium WordPress theme for about $50 USD and customized my website by myself. I’m self-taught when it comes to WordPress development, so picking the DIY method was a no-brainer for me (FYI, I do not build websites anymore).



Since I’m an internet marketing geek, I wanted to implement some strategies and systems for the new direction of my blog.

The first thing I decided to start: An Email List.

Looking back, I think it was a bit ludicrous that I have over 30K followers on social media and had never started an email list.

I’ve learned about the importance of starting an email list years ago when I took a class in digital marketing. I have also read countless articles on how to build your list but nope, nada. Didn’t do it. 

I’m convinced Love and Hip Hop must have distracted me. Excuses and procrastination at it’s finest.

Well, I’ve finally created the Email Newsletter Squad, where you can receive exclusive access to my latest news, online marketing and branding tips, inspiration, giveaways and lots more!


Overall, I’m suuuuper excited for what my new website has in store.

My transition into being a television personality AND personal brand strategist is so liberating because starting my own online business is something I’ve always wanted to do.

I plan to write weekly blogs to help you build your brand. I’m even thinking of getting back on YouTube but with a brand spanking new channel that is more aligned with where I am in my life so I can better serve you.

But as the wise Yoda once said, 

Which to me means, less speaking, more doing

I’m at a place in my life where peace is a priority and negativity cannot exist. My creative spirit is finally connecting with the things that give me the most joy

Living in beautiful Trinidad gives me peace 

Building a brand that incorporates being a TV host AND also pursuing my love for teaching and branding, gives me the utmost joy

I want this website to be your online hub so you can tap into your greatness and discover the things that bring you peace and joy, so you can find the courage to live life on your own terms.

Before you go, let me know what are your thoughts on my new website? What are some topics you would like to me to blog about? Let me know and we’ll talk soon!

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