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Building a personal brand is the most valuable thing you could possibly do for yourself. It allows you to meet and collaborate with incredible people. It can be a way for you to take something you love and live it every single day.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, side-hustler, freelancer, or student, having a strong brand will open more doors for you and help you make more money. But most importantly, it can be a way for you to live your dream, on your own terms.


  • The 10 essential components to building an online brand
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  • You don't have a clue on how to build an online brand
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Hey there! My name is Nadine Liverpool and I’m a personal brand and social media strategist that teaches ambitious professionals and business owners how to build an irresistible online brand. I started to build my brand a few years ago and went from having a small show on YouTube, to now being the face of Flow Sports, the most watched sports network in the Caribbean.

Some other random facts about me are I have a degree from the University of Alabama-Birmingham, where I received a full-athletic scholarship for soccer (some call it football, depending on where you live). Plus, I also have a post-graduate diploma in Sports Journalism and a certificate in Digital Marketing Management. When I’m not on television or teaching phenomenal people like yourself how to own their greatness and build an amazing brand online, you can find me laying on a beach in Trinidad where I reside, reading a book, with some nice coconut water by my side.

Grab your FREE Ebook and learn how to build a brand you love today!

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