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  • How to Feel Comfortable on Camera (even if you’re an Introvert)

    how to feel comfortable on camera |

    The number one thing that holds people back from putting themselves out there online, is the FEAR of the camera.

    This fear is probably one of the biggest things that hold people back from starting a YouTube channel or even using online video in general to build their brand and biz.

    In this video, I’m going to give you FIVE tips on how to get over your fear and feel more comfortable on camera.

    Watch the YouTube video below or you can read the video transcript further down.

    In my last video, I talked about How to Host an Epic Live Stream, which you should definitely check out.

    But if you’re like “Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Nadine, live video? I don’t even want to be on regular video!”

    Then this is the video for you.


    It’s really important that you really, really care about the topic that you’re speaking about because if you don’t, you’re going to sound dull and uninterested and people are going to click off from your video SUPER fast.

    Passionate energy is contagious, so if you are smiling and constantly having fun in your videos, people are going to have fun too.

    In order to do that, it’s really important to overdeliver your energy because on camera your over the top personality and volume actually comes off as normal.

    Therefore, it’s really important to be super LIT in your videos.


    Are the kids still saying SUPER LIT?

    Anyways, I’m using it for this video!

    It’s really important to be super lit in your videos and showcase your position from the beginning to end.


    Now, my second tip is to be prepared.

    The way to feel more comfortable on camera is actually being prepared for what you’re going to say.

    You can create an outline of what you want to say and write out your main points.

    For example, if you’re going to write a video about 5 Ways to Do X, make sure you know what those 5 things are and write them down.

    Like for instance, I actually write out my entire script for YouTube from beginning to end.

    This, so I can repurpose my YouTube videos into a blog post (that you’re reading right now) and I have all the words written in advance.

    But if I’m doing a live video, I just have a simple outline.

    I do NOT write out an entire script for live video and it’s important that before you press record or before you go live, look over your outline or even rehearse what you’re going to say beforehand so you’re good to go.


    Okay, so you’re pumped about your topic, you have an outline of what you’re going to say, you’ve hit record, tip #3 is to talk to one person.

    You may fear being seen by many people but you need to flip your mindset and think you’re talking to one person.

    That one person could be your best friend, it could be your brother, your sister, even your pastor, whoever it might be for you, just focus on talking to that one person.

    You’re usually more relaxed and laid back and that demeanor will come off on camera if you focus on just talking to one person.


    Next is to control your pace.

    Now, I’m naturally a fast talker and when I used to work in television, I always had to focus on slowing down my speed so people could understand me and the same goes for you.

    Your normal may be too fast for the average person.

    So make sure that you are going at a normal speed so people can understand you.


    If you made it this far in the blog post, go check out the YouTube video because I share a special clip of my first ever YT video back in 2010.

    And in that video, I had no idea what I was doing, I just went for it.

    Your first videos will always be your worst videos, so take the pressure off of yourself to create a perfect video because it won’t be.

    It’s okay to make mistakes, that just means that you’re human.

    And in order to get better, just practice, practice, practice.

    Yes, Allen Iverson, we talkin’ bout practice.

    The more you practice the more you’ll get used to being on camera and your comfort level will grow.

    Those are my 5 tips on how to feel comfortable on camera.

    Now, it’s time for the Question of the Day: Do you have any tips on how to get comfortable on camera? Let me know in the comments below.


  • How to Live Stream on Facebook and Instagram in 2020

    How to live stream on facebook and instagram |

    Want to know how to to live stream on Facebook and Instagram?

    Live streaming has been blowing up the past few years and if you want to grow your brand in 2019, it’s even more important to use.

    In this video, we’re going to talk about how to host an epic live stream.

    Now, I know the title says on Facebook or on Instagram but these rules can apply to YouTube, Periscope, or even LinkedIn Live if you have it.

    And to help you out even more, I’ve created the ultimate live streaming checklist that you can download below.

    But watch the vid first and then grab the freebie after.

    You can watch the YouTube video below or just keep scrolling and read the written post.

    The first tip is you need a compelling title.

    Now, your title is your promise to your audience about what the live stream is about, so you need a catch-worthy headline to make people want to show up.

    For example, don’t create a title like how to grow your social media following.

    That’s very vague.

    Instead, it could be something like how to grow your first 1000 Instagram followers even if you’re just starting out.

    That title is very specific and to the point.

    So again, before you even hit that GO LIVE button, make sure you have a good title.

    Now my next tip is to schedule your live streams.

    Now I know you can go live spontaneously but if you’re just starting out, I don’t suggest going that route.

    It’s best to start out on a schedule so your audience knows when to expect you. If you decide to go live once every week, choose ONE day and ONE time and stick to it.

    The first thing I do is create multiple graphics on Canva about my live streams.

    I also create Instagram Story graphics for the live stream that I post on Instagram stories and I’ll create a post for my IG feed as well. 

    how to live stream on facebook and instagram in 2019 |

    I usually post about my live stream the day of and give out multiple reminders during the day.

    Also, don’t limit your promo to just Facebook and Instagram, send out an email to your list, use other social media platforms and spread the word so you can have as many people attend live.


    Next thing you need to do before you even go live is to prepare an outline.

    You should be prepared and know exactly what you want to talk about.

    I suggest writing out your main points or an outline so you know what the most important things you want your audience to know about your topic.


    After that, you’re finally ready to go live!

    But the biggest mistake people make when they go live is they have low energy and say something like this:

    “Hey, I’m live. I’m just going to wait for people to come into the live, so just sit tight. Oh hey mom! In the meantime, let me know if you can hear me. We’re just going to wait for more people to come on the live. Let’s just wait about five minutes, okay?”

    NO! NO! NO!

    Soon as you hit that go live button you have to be pumped and energetic and just get right into it because remember you’re not just broadcasting for people who are live, you’re also broadcasting for people who are watching the replay.

    I usually say something like this, “Hello! Hello! everyone! Thanks to everyone who is watching live and the replay. In this video, we’re talking all about social media growth. Specifically how to grow your first 1000 Instagram followers even if you’re started from zero. Grab a notepad and a pen because you’re going to want to take lots of notes on how to grow on the ‘gram.

    More often than not, most people will watch the replay.


    Next tip is you need to introduce yourself and establish your authority.

    Every live stream you make you need to introduce yourself because you can’t just assume that people know who you are.

    Plus, you need to introduce yourself for people who are meeting you for the first time.

    Something like, “Okay everyone, let’s get started. If you’re brand new here, my name is Nadine Liverpool and I’m an online branding and marketing strategist that teaches solopreneurs and side-hustle bosses how to build, grow, and monetize their brand online.”


    The reason why live streams are so powerful is because it’s a two-way conversation between you and your audience.

    And don’t worry if for your first few live streams no one is there because people most people will watch the replay.

    One of the first things I like to ask people to encourage engagement is to ask people, “Where are you watching from?”

    When people will start responding I’ll say, “Hello to Amy in Canada, What’s up to Kesha over in Jamaica, and we have Roger from sweet, sweet, TnT Trinidad and Tobago and hello to Chris in D.C. in the United States.”

    And even if no one shows up live, still ask the question so you give yourself practice.

    I’ll also say something like, “Give me lots of love and emojis so I know you’re here.”

    The more emojis people click, the more that signals to the algorithm that this is an engaging video.

    Now a major tip is to encourage engagement and comments throughout the broadcast by asking questions.

    You can ask, “Does this resonate with you? Type yes or no in comments.” “Can you relate to that? Let me know in the comments below.”

    Also, after every main point, I would look for comments from the audience and it also gives you a little room to breathe and take a mini break.


    Next, it’s time to get into the meat of your content and like we discussed earlier, you’re going to be prepared and have an outline ready.

    You want to make sure your content is extremely valuable and actionable so your audience learns something from your live stream.


    Once you’re done with the main portion of your live stream, as you wrap up, it’s very important to have a clear call to action.

    You call to action should direct people on what to do next.

    Do you want people to sign up for your email list?

    Download your freebie?

    Signup for a discovery call?

    Whatever it is, make it very clear so your audience knows what the next steps are.


    You’ve completed your live and think you’re finished but wait you’re not done yet.

    Just like how you did pre-live, do the same post-live as well (The free checklist tells you exactly what to do).

    Send out the replay to your email list, post on IG stories and all your social platforms that the replay is available because remember, not everyone will watch live, they may just watch the replay.


    You can post your live stream on your blog to get more eyeballs on it or you can even find the best one-minute clips and edit micro-content that you can post on your social platforms to entice people to watch the full live stream


    Now this is something you can currently only do on Facebook but if you have $5 or $10 then create an ad to get more eyeballs on the live stream or you can boost the one-min micro video on IG to lead people to the live stream.

    Okay, that was a lot for you to take in but if done right, live streaming is a powerful tool to boost your brand and biz.

    And remember to grab your free live stream checklist below.


  • How to Get Attention and Get Noticed Online

    how to get attention and get noticed online |

    Are you struggling, trying to figure out how to get attention and get noticed online?

    Or maybe you’re trying to do #allthethings and spreading yourself too thin trying to be visible on every social media platform?

    Well, my friend then this blog post is for you.

    I’m going to share with you five ways to get attention and get noticed online for absolutely free, even if you have a teeny tiny following or you’re just starting out on your brand building journey.

    Watch the YouTube video with the juicy tips or you can read the transcribed blog post from the vid below.

    There’s more competition and noise on the internet than ever before and the number one thing that you, me, and everyone else is fighting for when it comes to building their brand and business online, it’s ATTENTION!

    But how do you get that attention, especially when you’re just starting out?

    Trust me. I’ve been there I get it.

    And in this video, I’m giving you five ways you can start getting attention and getting noticed online right now. Let’s get started!

    Hello wonderful humans!

    It’s your girl Nadine here bringing you the best tips and strategies on how to build, grow, and monetize your brand online.

    Okay, so on this video we’re gonna talk about attention.

    Attention is the name of the game when it comes to building your brand online.

    If you don’t get attention, you can’t get seen and you can’t get paid.

    I’m gonna provide you with five tips on how you can start building attention online even if you have no followers.

    1 | Focus on Your Niche

    Now on this blog, I primarily talk about online branding and marketing for personal brands and small businesses. That’s my niche.

    I also talk about personal development and mindset and entrepreneurship as well but those are mostly complimentary content buckets that just add more depth to my niche.

    It’s really important to be clear on what you want to be known for because the more you zone in on your specific niche or industry, the more attention you’re going to receive for what you do because you’ll end up becoming the go-to expert for that topic.

    So if you have a makeup beauty brand, for example, don’t be posting videos of your curry chicken recipe on your blog or tips about gardening on your blog because that clashes with what you want to be known for which is makeup and beauty.

    Focus on what you want to be known for and you will start to get noticed.

    How to get attention and get noticed online. Want to learn how to get attention and get noticed online? Well, in this video I give 5 ways you can start getting attention online for free, right now.


    2 | Schedule Out Your Content

    I know, boring! But you need a point of reference in order to stay consistent when it comes to getting attention online.

    It’s all about creating lots of different types of content consistently.

    And the way to do that efficiently is by using a social media scheduling tool.

    I personally use and love Smarterqueue as a social media scheduling tool and if you click this link you can get a free 30-day trial using my affiliate link.

    Using Smarterqueue you can create categories for your content, so I use it to post quotes and videos and blog posts and curate other people’s content.

    I share my freebies and lead magnets to grow my email list but the best part of Smarterqueue is that they have a recycle feature for your content so you can set it and forget it and ensure that you’re always top of mind for your audience with your content.

    And the more top of mind you are the more attention you’ll receive.

    Plus, if you need content ideas I got your back.

    I created a free social media content guide that you can opt-in to below to help you to start brainstorming some ideas so you can start creating lots of amazing content online.

    Social Media Content Guide |


    3 | Start a YouTube Channel

    The reason I specifically mention YouTube and not Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any other social media platform is because YouTube is a search engine and that is HUGE to getting attention online.

    And you don’t need to be a huge YouTuber with millions of subscribers in order to get attention online.

    My first youtube channel SportsNAYtion only had about 4000 subscribers and I still got so many opportunities and I got approached for national and international television and media opportunities all because of my online presence.

    But in order to get attention on youtube, It’s important that you have a few essential things.

    1. Catchy headlines with research keywords that can be found in search.

    2. Quality thumbnails

    3. Strong content that educates, entertains, and inspires your audience.

    Now, that’s like the bare, bare bones Coles notes version of what it takes to get attention on YouTube.

    And right now YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google which owns YouTube and according to Tubefilter, YouTube is on pace right now to leapfrog Facebook in becoming the biggest social media platform in the world!

    Oh yea, make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel for lots of amazing video content. Thanks, brand builder! 

    4 | Use Live Video

    Right now, 82% of viewers prefer live video to social media posts and 80% of viewers prefer live video over reading a blog.

    So what that means is people be preferring live video!

    Therefore, if you want to get your audience’s attention online live streaming is a great way to start getting noticed.

    But for those of you out there, those Debbie Downers out there that are wondering but Nadine what if no one tunes into my live?

    Great question.

    Listen, most people watch live streams after the fact in a replay because a lot of people can’t make it on time.

    They forget they get distracted. They get caught up watching Love & Hip Hop.

    There’s so many reasons as to why people may not watch your live stream and even if there’s one person watching your live video and it just happens to be your mama, I promise you there will be people who will watch your live stream after the fact, after the live broadcast and they’ll see it in their feed.

    But the reason live video is so powerful and will help you start getting attention online right now is because it’s a way for your audience to learn and engage from you, in real-time.

    Live video will build the know, like, trust factor with your audience even faster because it’s a more authentic and engaging experience compared to pre-recorded video or reading a blog post or even listening to a podcast.

    You can go live on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram even Periscope but that’s kind of dying but end of the day, live video is the only content type online where you can have an immediate two-way dialogue with your audience and that is so powerful to getting attention and getting noticed online right now.

    Remember to grab your free social media content guide!

    Social Media Content Guide |


    5 | Join Facebook Groups

    Now I’m not talking about joining Facebook groups and dropping your link in designated promo threads and running but actually contributing and providing value.

    I’ve actually gotten many clients through Facebook groups, but it was mostly the ones where I spent the time to answer people’s questions, provide insight, and establish myself as a thought leader, as opposed to just posting a link in a promo thread and hoping that I would get leads.

    When it comes to engaging in Facebook groups, it’s always about serving before selling.

    Those are my five tips on how to start getting attention and getting noticed online for free.

    Now it’s time for the question of the day!

    What strategies do you use to get noticed online?

    The more tips the merrier so let me know in the comments below.

    Remember to grab your free social media content guide below so you can start creating lots of content and start getting noticed online.

    Until next time, keep owning your greatness and continue to brand your brilliance online.

    Social Media Content Guide |