How To Avoid Letting Your Circumstances Become Your Excuse [VIDEO]

Shame is one of the biggest reasons why people don’t move forward with going after their dreams. 

The shame of being embarrassed, shame of failure, or even the shame of being told you’re not good enough. 

In this FB live, I talk about my shame of getting over my domestic violence relationship when I was in high school and how I preserved to go on to receive a full athletic scholarship to play football in the United States.Read More

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Christmas Business Book Giveaway!!!

Business Book Giveaway

Tis the season my wonderful humans! Christmas is almost here, so I thought, what could I give to my AH-mazing brand building tribe, that they would ABSOLUTELY LOVE!

For me, the most sincere gift I think someone can give you is the gift of knowledge. Reading is such an important part of my life and I always encourage my friends, family, clients, even random people on the street, to just pick up a damn book!Read More

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How To Be More Productive | Q&A Friday [VIDEO]

How to be more productive, blogging, ideal audience

This week on Q&A Friday, I received a great question from one of my clients Marie on how to be more productive.  

We all live very busy lives when it comes to juggling work, businesses, a side-hustle, and God bless you if you also have children! 

So when it comes to being productive, a lot of us feel there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Read More

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Q&A Friday! Your Business and Branding Questions Answered Live! [VIDEO]

So every Friday, well more like every Friday afternoon I am free (working on my consistency, don’t judge me lol) I have a Q&A Friday where I answer some of the business, branding, marketing, and social media questions that I receive during the week. 

This week I received some great questions about vs, the rising trend of video in social media, how to start an online business and more! Read More

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