What We Can Learn From The Ultimate Rejects, Ultimate Rejection

Ultimate Rejects rejection

The Ultimate Rejects. Remember them?

Every Carnival and soca enthusiast remembers how the Ultimate Rejects took 2017 by storm with their hit song Full Extreme, where they went on to win Road March. 

With the Carnival season officially here, we’re just a few weeks away from when Trinidad will be flooded with a flurry of foreigners, fetes, and madness as we embark upon a short season.

And while promoters have all their fetes lined up with the biggest names like Machel, Destra, Kes, Bunji, and co, it seems like this year, the Ultimate Rejects have been REJECTED.

They recently say down with Trinidad’s TV 6 and explained that they have not been getting booked for the number of gigs that they expected. 

Now, I have to ask, what song does the Ultimate Rejects even have out? 

Do you even know

It seems to me that this band was hoping to live off the hype off their 2017 success, which is a very naive mistake. 


So instead of the Ultimate Rejects grinding throughout the Year to replicate the magic that was Full Extreme, they did the exact opposite

And now while other artistes have released their songs and booked their gigs, the Ultimate Rejects are scratching their heads as to where they went wrong. 

So what can we learn from this? A few things…


I’m pretty sure that the Ultimate Rejects worked their butts off to make Full Extreme happen in 2017 but instead of putting their foot on the gas for 2018, they assumed that they were entitled to headline big events based on their previous work. 

In order to have long-term success, you have to work for it, every. single. day. 

And even if you do find yourself progressing and getting new opportunities, you have to consistently put out quality work in order to stay in the game and be relevant. 


A lot of people in the Caribbean feel they don’t have to work hard in order to be successful. We’ve created a culture of laziness and complacency but the thing is no successful person who has come from humble beginnings, got to where they are without hard work.

The fact that we have not heard any big chunes from the Ultimate Rejects now that the season is in full swing, proves they made the decision not to put in the work to create another hit song. 

The lack of self-awareness has them confused, as they now find themselves without any big gigs, while the popular names who keep working hard year-round are where they want to be. 


Consistency is so, so, so, important if you want to find success in your life. 

Beyonce did not get where she is by having only one hit song. The same can go for all the superstar artistes in history. 

And as a business owner when it comes to building a brand, in order to stay top of mind, you have to be consistently creating content.

Quality content.

Whether if that’s in the form of blog posts, videos, podcasts, and more you have to consistently create content that will connect with your audience. 

And in what way has Ultimate Rejects connected with us through their music this year? *crickets*

Consistency always wins, my friends. 

Nadine is a television presenter and online marketing and branding strategist. The multi-passionate Canadian-Trinidadian teaches entrepreneurs how to build an irresistible online brand. When Nadine isn’t making TV or teaching people how to do what they love, you can find her laying on a beach in Trinidad where she resides, reading a book with some nice coconut water by her side.